With trucking allowing the advantage of having the most control over delivery time, our industry-leading tractors and trained drivers are equipped to haul asphalt and emulsions from refinery to highway projects. With the delivery of asphalt that has paved over 75% of Wyoming’s roads, we specialize in transporting your liquid asphalts and emulsions for all your road construction needs.

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service specifications

service specifics

Our transport service covers a range of distances from 10 to 600 miles, focusing primarily on the Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota markets. Our top-of-the-line trucks and equipment, paired with our attention to detail, ensure asphalt delivery is monitored throughout transport, facilitating a smooth and steady delivery from supplier to project.


We understand that working at asphalt terminals, driving tanker-trucks full of hot asphalt, and unloading at road construction projects can be hazardous. Transportation demands a mindset of diligence for our drivers, your product, and those we share the road with.


Highway construction projects requires all parties to deliver on time – we understand your project depends on the timely delivery of our drivers. Using our real-time tracking systems, contractors are able to stay informed about driver and material delivery, optimize logistics, and schedule production accordingly.

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